My App is Crashing Again and Again

I just added a feature in my app but after it my app crashes after i run that. You Can See the Code Below . Please Help me

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@Raghav_sachdev Attach your codes, then only people can answer your query.

It may be a problem with switch screens I think… Show your block and get clarification.


Oh Sorry I forgot to attach

i am pretty sure it is because of Spreadsheet
check if all the information you have added correctly or not

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I have already checked but still not solved

Have you used valid api key of your spreadhseet?

what happens when you remove spreadsheet block

Can you show the designer view of the Spreadsheet component? Just remember to hide any personal information before you upload. Also, is that all the blocks in your app? Another thing, the problem might be taking place because the spreadsheet access is not set to “anyone with link”.


My Problem Has been solved Thank You

The purpose of a community is to share knowledge. Tell what was causing your problem so others can learn.

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What change you made it? Inform us…