My app is getting restarted when iam trying to login

This is an app in the play store made with Kodular. and the website is when I am trying to log in

with web browser the app is working fine. But I am trying to do the same with the kodular app. it is always restarting to the same login page. If anyone can help me

please show your blocks or the aia. So, we can help you…

PlexGBTV.aia (3.6 MB)

Try this, I didn’t test it because I do not want to login. I only changed closing screen correctly

PlexGBTV_1.aia (3.6 MB)

Iam trying to do it but now google firebase is not sending me the OTP . donot know the reason why

Maybe because once the mobile number already registered it wont send another OTP.

let me try again and let me see

can you please tell me what changes you have done beacuse the otp is not coming

please can anyone or @dora_paz please help me ,because changing block is not helping me with the solution because it stop google firebase to stop firing the OTP. i really don’t know suddenly what is happening because it was working just fine but today when i check my web view app the login and sign up is not working in kodular app but with normal website it is working just fine

This is all the changes I did

still, it is not working, no idea why. do you have any desk app.Please help me

any help @dora_paz