My app is too slow?

i have around 6,000 blocks. it slow down my app ?

how can i speed up my application ?
i have already using clock but nothing is working.
can i use procedure blocks to speed up my applications or any other component ?

please help

If you never used these blocks probably yes. If you want help you have to give more info about your app. Size of assets, what it does, show your blocks, etc.


i have too many blocks around 6,000 and i am using about 250 + images.
some gif and fonts.

when screen initialize
i am changing 200 button texts and images and shape and 200 cardview where i am changing it’s margin.

Are they Static Components.

How much space they consume in total.

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Are you serious!You change 200 button text and card views! :scream:And what is the use of the any component blocks…See here:

It’'s better to use online images.Images from the assets slows the app too much,and increase it’s size as well.
BTW, your app Must slow with all of this blocks,assets and files.


3 MB

yes, they are static component

open another screen

BTW, you can upload your app to Unchive and screenshot the output.:wink:

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i’ve not understand this.See here the usage of them:

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:dizzy_face: :exploding_head:

it’s not a Healthy Practice.

Definitely Replace them with Dynamic Components.
Not only there wherever you can.

That will save Ton’s of Blocks.
And Reduce App Size too.


but i have already do much hard work.
if i create dynamic button then it will spoil my all hard work

Now it’s time to work Smart.


But they will make your app ( and even the block editor ) fast :grimacing:
BTW , please @AryanGupta use

And screen shot the output


@ADDYLIN yes :grinning: ,
but if anyone have another option to speed up my application.
then please reply to me

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okay i am using the Unchive

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Okay and don’t forget to send us the output :slightly_smiling_face:

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i have upload the aia file in unchive but nothing is happened.

You must find something like that:

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Here is what happen when you upload it immediately those must be shown:

You just need to click the summaray and send us a screen shot

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yes it’s working ,
here is the screenshot