My app is very Slow

hello i create an app but it loads very slow… i will provide the aia file…

plz verify the blocks and point out the exact problem. i m new in modular.

newrelease100 (1).aia (4.1 MB)

Did You check in comunnity about This subject ?

“Verify” …
You can research the subject rather than wanting others to do your work. Research is part of learning.


After resarch i posted this… so i want help…

i need this… if anyone want to solve this problem , i will greatfull.

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So , you should show what you researched and tested so that you can avoid wasting time for other users . :+1:

Features of your app
-My app has dynamic CardView which fetch data from the web…

What did you try
-I tried to decrease the information from the web, bringing it only 10 out of 10…