Very slow data loading - wait a minute msg

I dont know what happen, yesterday the app was working fine, but then I share the app and from then the app dont load.

Just a msg - " Wait a minute" Is showing, no error msg, nothing what should I do?

You must show the blocks so we can help you.
Also change the category to #discuss
BTW, welcome to the community :smile:

I dont know how to change it to #discuss, and showing blocks, i mean there are lots of blocks how I can show it, i had bought the aia, so i dont know about this so much

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If its paid, so you can’t share the blocks with us.Pm the developer.

Just click the edit button below your topic.And change the category.

The developer asked to me contact kodular as it’s kodular data loading issue

We need more information on what the app is about?When the message is displayed? etc

Also, if you bought it from developer, then it’s the duty of that developer to provide support.
And, in first place, why do you buy the aia if you have much less knowledge about it?

Ask that aia developer where he/she feels the exact problem is? And to tell you what’s the exact problem? So accordingly you can ask it here if the developer is not providing any support.

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Welcome @Learnee :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Tip: Never buy aia from such Developers, who dosen’t support after selling it.

Post image of error you are getting.

This is India, how I can know a developer is a trusted one. He is supporting by replying my msgs within 4-6 hours (lol).

And i m not getting any error msgs, that’s the issue. What I got is just a screen saying wait a minute… That’s it…

Yes exactly, if you have problem, and the developer is supporting you then ask the developer to solve the problem as the aia is developed by him/her.
The developer just can’t tell you that the issue is from Kodular and he/she can’t do anything in it. One should not expect this kind of support for a paid material.

As you have paid for the aia you cannot show the block images here also.So, it is ultimately the developer who can rectify the problem