My app keep crashing when i open the app

Even my app also crashing. But it working properly in companion.

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So now whats the solution ? I have to do something or the kodular team will resolve this issue as its a very common issue, facing most of the kodular users after latest update.

Thanks @bodymindpower


I hope kodular eliminates this error


There are two components that are confirmed to crash your app, so check it out…


I have that same problem. I hope it is resolved as soon as possible.

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the same problem with my project also.

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I also have the problem…

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there is the same problem with my project. I couldn’t find a solution still.

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I think web viewer and Youtube player is also creating some issues, as in one of my Youtube player app, it also crashes.

No, this problem is also occur when all the screen, components, assets, extensions are deleted and make the app fully blank. It’s the bug in Fenix 1.5.2 update. And the app must be created before the Fenix 1.5.2 update.

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Can you share a demo aia for check ?

this is the demo aia.
Demo.aia (1.4 KB)

I got my problem solved,
For me there had a Switch Component in app without any initial values, I Gave value for switch text off and on and now app works,
So pls check If there is any Radio button or floating action button or switch in your component lisT without any text, if you face this issue


Switch component have the same problem.

@SauVish About Screen Title vas empty


@Anu Can you add this to your list


I who skipped that component

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Btw, Thanks @Seller_Newbie

Edit: @Anu add this one as well

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As we know , The component name can only contain number,letters,and underscores and must start with letter, and when we make any mistake in it , normally kodular will give a restriction, but some times it fails to do that, i had a " - " in one of my component name, It also created same problem, (App crashing), so pls check also the name of all of the component if you face this issue

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Thank You Vvveeerrrryyyy Much @Boban you got it, makes me happy today. thats the real bug in Fenix 1.5.2. when i created a project in Fenix 1.5.1 the “about screen title” remains empty by default and in Fenix 1.5.2 it have some text by default and it is necessary in latest update also that why this error happens, no one catch that point. Thanks for your support @Boban :100: :+1:

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In my app, I gave value to the text of the radio button and filled “about screen title” but it still didn’t work.

Can anyone please explain what is wrong in this the logcat error?

Do you use spinner ?


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