My progress dialogue background color is not changing

after checking light theme the bg colour is not changing

Are you testing an apk or in the companion? Posting just an image is not how you should ask a question.

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Make Custom Progress Dialogue Use Arrangements for that

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I am not testing my app in companion because I don’t have a computer. I have exported my app but not working

I have tried but I can’t make exactly this

If you are using notifier.Show Progress Dialog I believe you can not use Light Theme. Only specific blocks from notifier works with light theme as shown in the image below . Also you can read more here Notifier - Kodular Docs

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Change the theme to light from the Screen1 properties and try again.

Please read in Notifier - Kodular Docs

Show Progress Dialog It cannot be canceled by the user but must be dismissed by using the DismissProgressDialog block.

Show Spinning Progress Shows a spinning progress dialog which can be dismissed by the user if ‘cancelable’ is set to true.

Then there is any way to change bg colour

You can use a custom image next to the title in the notifier

If you use spinning progress block then you can use background property



Spinning progress block is working


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