My Project is currepted

please Help me i’m facing any error in kodular and my blocks are getting deleted automaticly

see Error Screenshot

Please use non chromium browsers (Chrome, Edge etc.).
Use for example Firefox. Things like CCleaner might delete cookies needed

ok i will use firefox browser in future but what will happen to the blocks that have been deleted?

Did You create a backup ?

I have not create any backup earlier​:sob:

So now what can i do for my project​:sweat:

Maybe , sharing your aia file :+1:


This is my App’s aia

Try deleting screen name Home (as your home screen blocks are corrupted)


and recreate Home Screen


But recreation is too much hard​:sweat: and not possible easily​:sob:

You already had that screen idea in previous project aia so just you can see and create it again :slightly_smiling_face:

I can create layout again but blocks section is too much hard

I have created it in 2-3 weeks

Can i convert . Apk into. Aia

Try this one HGL_REWARD_CONVERTER.aia (2.5 MB)

@Boban Why these blocks are here

It’s like that in the file and thereby I can’t do anything about it…

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