My Project is currepted

So now what can i do for my project​:sweat:

Maybe , sharing your aia file :+1:


This is my App’s aia

Try deleting screen name Home (as your home screen blocks are corrupted)


and recreate Home Screen


But recreation is too much hard​:sweat: and not possible easily​:sob:

You already had that screen idea in previous project aia so just you can see and create it again :slightly_smiling_face:

I can create layout again but blocks section is too much hard

I have created it in 2-3 weeks

Can i convert . Apk into. Aia

Try this one HGL_REWARD_CONVERTER.aia (2.5 MB)

@Boban Why these blocks are here

It’s like that in the file and thereby I can’t do anything about it…

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@Boban So as you know you have added ‘search view’ component and i don’t need it in my App then can i delete this component and other unnecessary blocks (that is showing in my Screenshot​:roll_eyes:)

I had to add it so I would have less work on fixing your aia, it’s up to you if you want to remove it…

If I delete search view and blocks, will there be any error in the app or not?:thinking:

Try and see what happens…

My app is working fine​:+1: Thank You so much​:innocent::innocent::heart:

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