My SQL database runtime error

I am just learning my SQL database with deep host extension but I am facing some runtime error problem. If anyone solve this please help me.

Why are you not use dictionary components or any other mysql extension

I searched for any other MySQL extension but I could not find please suggest me any other extension

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Why not just use the web component?
Also we don’t support Deep Host’s extensions.

Learn MySql.

You have space in betwen table name it should be table_name and let me tell you you are creating column in Category table not table_name

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Where I Can Learn MySQL For App Inventor

Why not use @taifun method for mysql.
Its simple and 1000% bug free than any extension and also deephost extension with complete tutorial.
Check out her website

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SoloLearn: If you want to learn Basics. (Free)
Udemy: If you want to learn something advance.(Paid)

:man: or :woman:


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