MYSQL ERROR (Extension Deep Host)

hello, I’m using the Deep Host MYSQL extension, but this is giving me a “runtime error MYSQL KEY” error, has anyone been there? I’m using the infinityfree cpanel.

firebase is too slow to get data, and the air table will be very limited for me.

Check sql key in mysql.php and you entered in extension

In mysql.php look :

In your block :

The 2 values must be equal

everything is fine, as in the MYSQL.php file and in the extension, but the error persists.

Did you initialize the SQLKEY variable with the value you put in the .php file?
Better try at App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

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the same problem continues, follow the posted tutorial, but even so the error persisted in appearing, should it be a problem in infinityfree?

No i think problem is in extension same error is reported few months ago deephost extension has so many error and he didn’t reply to user so better try taifuns guide to use sql this is best method than extension


Hello, I managed to solve the problem, changing the hosting because infinityfree was not working, so I switched to 000webhost and it worked.

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