My sql database problem

( configure complete)

how to solve this problem

Show your blocks please

Bro how you can use mysql, do you have any tutorial,

You can use DeepHost MySQL extension

He have a tutorial on YouTube

OK, thanks bro

Dont Give Space in Table Name.

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Do not use the INTEGRER block with “Create Table”, that is when you get data, not to “send”

getting same error, and i have watched full video, followed every step but getting same error, deep host is not replying on youtube or here, so is there any solution?

Try removing the space in the table name, or enclose the table name with backticks `

space was not the issue, php file has some errors, i changed php file and issue solved,
file given by DeepHost is not working as expected, so i have used php file from Pura Vida Apps mySQL tutorial , and that worked for mySQL extension as well. thanks to Pura Vida Apps for Php file

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Bro, I want to use deephost extension and Pura vida php,

Is it worked?

yes working for me, i am using deephost extension and puravida php working perfectly, method same as deephost video, here is php link,

to download the Pura Vida Apps php script see the Download section here App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

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@ImranTariq I edited the download link of the php script for you, to publish direct download links are not allowed, see my t&c

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okay, i didnt know about that,

Friend, your sql create table command is missing the field size definition.Open a mysql tool and write your Create Table and execute. I use PHPmyadmin. And do some research on the correct syntax.

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@ImranTariq i m also trying to connect mysql for experiments and learning in 000webhost free hosting but after setting up database and uploading php file it didnot work and shows a page saying please upload your prepaired website or build a new one

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which php and extension you are using @Zia_Choudhary

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I have tried both php files from @Taifun and @Deep_Host
But it did not work
I have not tried any extension because i have not set up even simple database yet. Eevrytime i tried after uploading php file it just show please build website or upload.