Mysql or firebase

Bom dia, utilize o firebase OU mysql para armazenar dados de cadastro de clientes?


Good morning, use firebase OR mysql to store customer registration data?

Choose according to your needs.

There are multiple decisive factors

  • Users quantity

  • Performance

  • Structure

  • Complexity

And other factors

Personal recommendation:

Big apps: SQL based structures (MySQL/MariaDB)

Small apps: NoSQL structures (Like Firebase, MongoDB)

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I say nonsense to be better
Firebase or mysql?

I have used MySQL since 6 month now .i very like the data structure in mysql Also Cheap Price But In Firebase you have pay big amount for getting database for 200 user only .but mysql you can manage more than 1000000 User data in cheap amount.

Speed -Yes Firebase is realtime data but mysql its deepend on your hosting plan

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does anyone have .aia file with login and registration system with mysql

Take a look here: App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: MySQL | Pura Vida Apps

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