Mysql Select syntax error

when i call get all column from this email then this erorr massage comes. How to fix this problem.

I use mysql Extension.

Your email, put without quotes?
This is a syntax error for the command.

To speed up your work, test your sql select command in a phpmyadmin-like environment

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how to put email with quotes. please sent some block images :orange_heart:

Did you check the phpmyadmin error and conclude the lack of quotes? Did you put in quotes and did it work?

Is this a earning app?

Show us yours blocks. … :thumbsup:

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Deep Host exension ?
I think it’s best to switch to this one:

It is the same file mysql.php

This is best broooh @Supto_Dey use it

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I think php json method is best

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There are, basically, 2 types of using php and MySQL: the way in which you pass the SQL commands through the blocks and the way you pass only the parameters to the PHP Scripts.