MyWeather (A ground breaking discovery 😂)

MyWeather is an app where you don’t have to worry about opening Chrome, Firefox, or Opera to find the temperature, pressure, humidity, wind speed, or what the clouds are doing outside. It’s all in a Material Design mix.

You can download it here.

Approximations are rounded to the nearest number and may not be the same as it shows on your local news stations, will be in the ball park. A refresh rate of 10s applies to only refreshing with the FAB. On first startup it will take longer than other start ups to get data after accepting the location permission. More functionality is coming later.

19C is here, with a Change Log - Sept 24. 2019

If you’re an Android 9 user who has an issue with MyWeather after this update, PM me.

- Added 2 extra APIs to fallback on, although they are no longer used for main Weather data, only used for Sunset and Sunrise times along with your current location name
- Fixed issues regarding permissions being granted and MyWeather failing to process them
- Fixed issues with being stuck at 20% while loading for unapparent reasons
- Removed Firebase Config which was causing an additional “cold start”

  • New design includes:
    • Added (UTC) next to Sunset and Sunrise times
    • Added Settings
      • Night Mode
        When applied, it will reload MyWeather automatically, will apply to change logs in a future release
      • Switch to Metric
        When toggled, you’ll be required to press the leave button when wanting it to be applied
    • Change Log on first start
    • Material Design
    • New Icon
    • Night Mode
    • Redesigned dashboard, it’s less plain

Download it here now!
New banner design has approval from @yusufcihan and @Diego.


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Don’t know if you would like or not but here are some bugs which I encountered

  1. When we deny the location permission this :point_down: happens

  1. Even after location permission is granted, then also the loading dialogue don’t disappear… It continues to load even if we restart the app after granting permission( I tried with both- WiFi & mobile data)
    Atlast a point comes when the mobile gets auto lock and when unlock the device, your app hangs
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Hello @Vaibhav,

Thanks for letting me know! I am already working on redoing the structure of the code which seems to have some issues with it like the start-up time which will be reduced in the next update hopefully. One thing I forgot to add this round was Firebase Config to do random A/B testing. Thank you for your patience regarding this issue.

- Nathan

Regarding this bug [FIXED]

New start-up time: After accepting permissions, 5.01 seconds on an Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Old start-up time: After accepting permissions, 9.09 seconds on an Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Old start-up time: After denying permissions, hung there
New start-up time: After denying permissions, shows a dialog within 2 seconds telling about denied permissions
New start-up time: Without needing to do anything related to permissions, nearly 6.14 seconds

A new design step has made what is happening behind the scenes more apparent to the user, I can’t wait for everyone to see!

Have you updated the link with new app?

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I can now if you’d like! Seems like you do instead of making you wait a whole week LOL, give me a second.

Definitely! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Let me know once done!

New release 19B

- Fixed MyWeather hanging when permissions were denied
- Fixed response time from API
- Fixed start-up time from 9s to 5s
- New colors

Download now from here

@Vaibhav PM me with how you like it and screenshots of your results then!

Will let you know soon!

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Hey I am unable to send you message as it is saying something like the user is not accepting the message

Can I mention the result here?

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Go ahead and send the message again, had a setting turned off in my settings, sorry for the inconvenience.

Done! please check.


Although you had been banned several times from the community, it’s fairly been a long time since you’re here. And I think this much time is pretty enough to learn the most of the basic rules of posting your app on the community. In case you don’t remember them, I’ll suggest you to check out the topics in #koded and #koded:makeroid-store category and see what you are missing on.



Great work…though

  1. Even after granting permission it keeps loading. May be because user might have not switched on the GPS or the GPS is fetching the data for too long. Actually no event has been produced to check whether GPS is on or off. It’s needed, because user might forget to enable to GPS and you have to notify it.
  2. A question…is there any forecast data? I didn’t find it.
  3. No process for search any place. People would love to know weather condition of a place where he is not present or he is on the go. It’s easy because Kodular has a generic block in location component. Try it.

I have also created a similar weather Forecasting app with current weather condition. You may check it out.

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Hi @plantdoc2018,

Thanks for letting me know! I will certainly try it today, can I ask what Android version you have?

It’s Android 9.0

I agree with Shreyash. I found it weird that a professional developer as Nathan did not taken some basic things such as screenshots into this description.
It makes me think your app is last minute, like you really wanted to create this topic, hurried, and forgot about some things.


I didnt forget, I figured since theres a link there to download it youd go there. Theres no other way to download the app besides over the store. In fact, if I was in a hurry, I would’ve just posted the APK, however I uploaded a screenshot to the Kodular Store.

The issue with Android 9 not loading seems to be an issue eith the OS, unless otherwise.

P.S. I can’t find this “block” and if it’s the Enabled block, that’s to check if the component is enabled.

There is a block perhaps named as current address to lat and current address to lng. Find in the location blocks.

Follow this link. Your answer would be here


@Robert @plantdoc2018 I apologize for the backlash I gave, it wasn’t right of me to do that for only information you were telling me, thank you! I will upload a screenshot, since I can really only take one since it’s one screen.

New release 19B1

- Added Firebase Config
- Reduced start-up time on Android 9 thanks to @plantdoc2018
- Tweak to version system

You can download it now from here. If you receive any errors about the version of MyWeather, just delete and reinstall it.