Need extension kodular

i need some extension can disable home and disable menu

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But i’ve seen an exam application where the application has a feature that can’t be minimized. So, my student can’t cheat during exam

Maybe use on app resume or on app pause blocks to disqualify your students. When any of them occured save to tinydb cheated true and add that to the final report so that you know that they cheated


I mean, is it possible if I get disable home and disable menu (minimize) during exam with some extension or something else ? What the extension name ?

Thats something very dangerous so the better option is provided by @Anu10

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Yes of course, but I needed that feature like that. Seems like “exam lite” by cipta gading artha in playstore

It is not possible

They also have license from playstore

Which app is that? I am pretty sure it wasn’t made with Kodular. If you go to Android Studio you may have a better luck.

Anyway, I believe such app doesn’t even follow Android Api and Playstore Rules so this app may be removed at any time,since being able to prevent the smartphone user to leave an app is a terrible power. If such extension was made I would be the first to ask for its banishment.
Those apps made for the only purpose of getting money, for example, could hijack the phone for an entire hour and force the user to watch sponsored videos.