Need Help about Ratio Problem inAppPDF Viewer

Hello everyone,
Anyone can help me with my project, i have some problem here

  1. i have impport scree to my project but login menu is not appear, it just by passed/just directed into next screen (screen1)
  2. the visual proportion not proportional as you can see
    in landscape mode become wider

in portrait mode become higher

how to set up the appearance to become more proportional just like when you open pdf directly from phone ?

and here is my aia
BUKU_MASAK.aia (164.4 KB)

Use this extension :-

App opens at screen1, if you wish to open first imported screen you have to direct it to that screen. As for the pdf you are using deep host’s extension which is not supported in community. If you have any problem with that contact the developer

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this extension wont work for complex UI screen

This extension can also help

You can use this block :-

Try this, now it will open at register/login

BUKU_MASAK_3.aia (165.7 KB)

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thanks for the answer, could you give me any suggestion besides deephost In App PDF viewer, to make digital book

yes it is work, the login menu is opened but but when i fill the account

name email password
DUMMY [email protected] abc12
Yusup [email protected] abcde
Benny [email protected] abc2021
rubbi [email protected] admedika123

username : name and password cannot directed into next screen (screen2)

All you had to do is change a block , not so difficult

BUKU_MASAK4.aia (165.7 KB)

could you give me an example using this extension with PDF file ? aia maybe …

BUKU_MASAK.aia (172.9 KB)
To change Responsive Height & Width

sorry still not worked

i’ve do as your suggestion but still not worked, did i missed some block ??
here is my aia

BUKU_MASAK_REV.aia (172.2 KB)

i have try to contact the developer Deephost InAppPDFViewer, but he said cannot make type of this extention. would you please help me…

Native library needs xml which isn’t possible in app inventor distorts

If you want pdf viewer extension there is one available but it is not listed in the community, before publishing u need to modify your aab file and the aab size increases to 25-30mb.

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What’s that mean?, i dont get it

I try to make proportion view by change the proportion view, width: 40% height:30%

but the result is getting worst, it wont be full screen

any suggestion ?

You cannot get help from community as you are using deep host extension . Sorry to say