Need help : fixing this aia project

Need help fixing the full screen entry and exiting the full screen session.

live_tv_world_wide (1).aia (91.6 KB)

Post Blocks and anything else, nobody will have tttime to oepn your project and play around and have a look what is wrong and than chnage all the problems. If we look in each Project what have an issue we will have no more free time, because aa lot of ppl want help. You can make a donation for the Team and maybe than someone will make a look maybe. Think of that.

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Thanks for your advice. This means a lot

I dont mean it bad, sorry if it sound so. Look, your post was only need help …
This is a free Plattform where you have nothing to pay because the developers are good ppl who believe in humanity. They do this all for free and in her free time after school after work for non profit. So they dontt have time to open each problem aia and look what tthe user wants to do and fix that. Because a lott of ppl need and want help this is why a lot of people are here. And a normal people like me and you never will open a project like your and look what is your ttrouble , because we all here or in betttter words the most of here have their own projecttts running and they look for help too. And and know people are not thankful they want butt they donttt give, you know whatt i mean. So ask yourself why should a person here take your aia open it and fix your problem or tell you what to do. Butt people will help you if you show us your Blocks and a small desciptttion what you want tto do. Hope now you aunderstand me better

I am not offended at all by your advice
Now I understand, what should I do.
Thank you very much again.

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