Need help in decoding JSON!

I am facing problems in decoding a JSON.I tried this :-

Here is the url of JSON :-
I tried using ’ look up in pairs ’ block and also tried JSON tools extension.
If you need I can also share .aia.

The JSON payload you receive is an array containing only one object. So, you have to get first item of the JSON and then, access the object.

I don’t know about JSONTools extension but it is fairly simple to do with list blocks.

Can you provide some screenshots?
I tried that with ’ look up in pairs ’ but failed.

set json to call Web. JSON Text decode
                jsonText = get response Content
set object to select item from list
               list = json
               index = 0

Now, use lookup in pairs with object variable as list.

Thanks for your reply.
I will try this.

Your Problem Is solve. If Not then tell me in details what you want to do because i use Json tool since long. Yash Joshi( Anindia Web)

My problem is solved.
Thanks @pavi2410 for your reply.
I did it using JSON Tools extension using this method :-
As you will see after opening JSON that there are strings under strings.
So first I parsed first string then by using ’ for each number from ’ block I parsed inside string by getting index.
Then I get data from ’ Get string value ’ using string name.

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I think that you must post a guide about JSON Tools extension because most of the Koders are unknown of JSON Tools or do not know how to use it including me.

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Yaa i Know Sir But in this time i making a earning app So i am busy.

Thanks for your reply.
Do it when you can.:heart_eyes:

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