Need help regarding Dynamic Components

I am Trying To Make A Dynamic Arrangement Using Dynamic Components. I Tried It Myself And Messed With It For Almost 2 Hours.


I Tried This One :point_down:

If Anyone Can Help Then Please.

Thanks In Advance.

So what’s the problem? Any error or something? Also mention what are you trying to do exactly as you are global data is a list in list type.

Actually After getting data from airtable It will be saved in the variable for test i make a same format.

yes it is a list in a list.

Actually I am Not able to create the arrangement using dynamic components.

lable1 will Get The value instead Message
Lable 2 will Get the value instead of Link

One parameter in Create Card View is missing

Yes I know that ( their is a vertical scroll arrangement block )but that’s not the problem.