Data not showing

I want to show title and subtitle in another arrangement when clicks each dynamic cardview. Its showing an error.

Instead of labels use dynamic label in order to show data from the list.

But its attatched to another arrangement

Labels can’t be used for the data from list

Which arrangement

Can i set from airtable data?

Yes you can for aurtabel

Can i share aia

I think there is no solution to my problem. Not getting reply

There is but since you are impatient you have to wait a while… or learn how the code works…

This is a component and cannot be transformed to index


Your initial code is incomplete and there by you don’t have list of components

What to be placed in place of component?

It should be a number but as I said

Here is aia file. Check it please

Dyn.aia (102.1 KB)

This image comes from your previous project, now it’s up to you to figure out for your self how this works…

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Thanks… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Finally fixed…

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