How do i share while using dynamic extension

Hello friends, i’m using dynamic extension, by using card view and labels i was able to create the buttons below:

by click on share card view, i want to share title and subtitle, how can i achieve that,i tried several way by using:



but it does not work, can any one show me how do i share data from airtable (title and subtitle label were used) after click on card view,


First use if condition , if the card is dynamic card
And add another if the get component id contains the text cardview5, and then set the funtion to be carried out for sharing

like this:

it does not share my value from airtable, insteady from label text

See, if user clicks on any card and you want to send details mean First thing you need to get id of the selected card. Then by using that I’d you can choose which matter want to share by using the blocks select list item list. (Here index will become selected card view id) In the list you use the variable list got from airtable and this is will pick the selected item exactly.


I got an error “The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments”

sorry can i have a block example

It means you have not used exact blocks. Tell us more, what you wanna share as well as how did you create that dynamic component. So that we can assist you further

I have created two empty variable, that’s title and subtitle,

also i have create card view, and inside of it i addded share label (but i share from card view),

i want to share those two variable

If user press this share button you wanna share this message only na?
Tell us, which global variable you have used to write in this label

To get id of the card view use replace block

Replace the text (card view dyna.componemt it)
Segment (cardview5)
Replacement ()

So this will give as a number. And use this as a index for getting the particular value from the label text global list

here it is (sharee = share … example)


as indicated in here

Yes man, this just assigning id but I am asking you used text for this dyna component na, i am asking that

Sure, i want to share that message

If possible send me the aia to pm. Let me finish it in few sec. Length of chat is increasing :wink:

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