Need of + and - in some blocks

In blocks like make a list, join block , if then block; if we need more spaces for more blocks to add like suppose in join block by default there are only two spaces to join blocks but suppose if i want to join approx 30 blocks then I have to click on settings of the join block drag and drop several blocks to make space for 30 blocks, why can’t we have simple + and - parameters, if + is clicked a space is created in join block, if remove is clicked then remove space and we can keep both the methods the settings which is already there and this + and - method. so whichever method the user finds appropriate he/she can use it… This applies for all blocks which work similarly like join block, make a list, etc

but make sure that adding and removing will work as “Stack” and will not be able to give you more controls as the native one :+1:

adding will ease the process and remove can be used to quickly remove last added and if someone need more , we have native one too :wink:

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yes that’s why i mentioned keeping both so whoever finds which method appropriate can use it

like this ?

yes, kind of so it will be easy to add if there are many to be added

Yes, I would like to have something like this too. We can have a (+) and (-) buttons on mutator blocks directly, instead of spending more time by adding/dragging/dropping inputs from mutator block menu.

To explain what we want exactly:

Also, you can post a issue on App Inventor GitHub repo about that as it is related to App Inventor.


Hi @yusufcihan and @Alamin_Shiakh if you support my idea then please vote

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This idea has been asked for long time ago. Everyone is demanding that :upside_down_face:

If you like the idea then please vote for it

It can be good, but if you want to remove a particular location (for example something in the middle) so you will not be able to do it, because you can only add one of the end or remove one of the end

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