Need some help in the block part

I want to display the thumbnail(genrated through pedroza thumbnail extension) of the videos called through the taifun file extension and want to display the thumbnails in the card view, but the problem is that the list of videos is getting displayed in the card view but there is no thumbnial showing up in the card view, here’s my block part
plzz kindly help…

call card view block will come inside for each item in the list
Give it a try

not working bro

In thumbnail extension when it asked for path u joined global thumb variable you must put the path of folder where the videos are stored

You need to change a lot of more blocks
In For each item in the list join call taifun file list and then inside for each item in list use card view and in image use images fetched by thumbnail extension
Sorry can’t show you tutorial as my laptop is not in working state

Try it currently for me it’s bed time tomorrow is school I will try to do this for you from school or someone will sure take a look toward it , till then keep trying hope you will find it

Does it work for you?
Remember you can execute every block with rightclick and " do it".
So you can see if the paths are right e.g. TaifunFilelist.
Trial and error is always a good concept and often much faster than a forumchat!

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the problem remains same i have tried many different blocks,

@ammar5287 It’s have a bug Don’t use this extension for automatic thumbnail make a another data in the airtable and use this it’s easy method

but the problem is i want to generate the thumbnail of videos present in the phone storage

This 2 video will be help you


this is not the solution of my problem…