New branding and commission removal subscriptions are no longer available

Hi everyone,

Today we have some sad but exciting news at the same time. New subscriptions for the branding removal and commission removal products are NO longer available. Existing subscriptions will continue their normal billing schedule with all the benefits, though we are planning to stop them as well at any time (with previous announcement, and at the end of the billing period).

This action has been taken considering the upcoming Kodular update, which will certainly make a statement. We cannot reveal anything yet, though be ready for the update date, which we will announce soon.

Thanks everyone, and…
:kodular: Happy Koding!



eagerly waiting for the new update :grin:

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Will it be permanent? Or for some time period considering upcoming update?

We expect it to be permanent, though we are open to see how the first months with the new update go, and maybe we can open it again.


Thanks for clarification. :+1:t2:

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When will next update come. Waiting for a thousand year i was feeling :grin:

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Big hope for us about update۔
We love kodular so much :heart:۔


Glad you’re safe and OK Diego, haven’t seen you on for a while!


Excited to see you all Rock !


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:crazy_face: :star_struck:

An update is finally coming!
I’m so excited​:star_struck:


Does it mean that abolition of the commission is detrimental to Kodular? :thinking:

Obviously I’m just kidding, surely incredible things will come :wink:

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Hope you will give an update about apps coded for kids. you know that startapp sdk issue about google family program certificate. We cant earn money from them just because startapp sdk is not part of google family program. Please be an angel and put extra option for apps designed for kids and let these apps contains only sdks certificated in google family program. Lets earn money again. thanks guys. waiting for you.

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Will it be like, Example : 5 USD Per month.

Small developer/block koder and new
developer/block koder Cant effort it i think if price go higher.

I hope price will be pocket friendly :wink:

You are not right, but not wrong either :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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The update will surely be focused on a family environment, and will solve most of those issues, so don’t worry!

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If the system and amount will be similar to others ( will not mention the name) then it will be rock…:relieved::relieved:

I don’t think it will matter which system we go with, considering the big announcement that will go with the update… :thinking:


Is the bidding system include in this update. If commission system is remove…then Facebook native ads…??? Can be include…i think.