New Update from kodular

Please when should we be expecting new updates from Kodular.
Lots of components are no longer working and many needs update. E.g. unity ads, onesignal, changing color get error. And many others.

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@pavi2410 has been working on brining to life a few components which we have been working on but couldn’t actually finish.
I think he can give more information on this.


Will the admob component not add

Instead of Admob you can use Google Admanager Ads in your app. Kodular recently partnered with google and have brought this new feature.

If you want to use other ad components you need to upgrade to premium plan.

I hope this helps.

Google admeneger does not create

How to solve it

hello even in prenium admob is not installed

You can use admob extension

In premium you are allowed to use admob ads extension.

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And why not pause Premium States until that update arrives? We are paying for something that we do not have 100% and in which many people believe and think that it is a great platform.

The Premium States could be resumed when we can work with Kodular like a year ago.

All the best.

That’s not correct. The features you are paying for are already live since months ago:

If we add new features, they can go to either Free or Premium plan. But what you are paying right now is already live.

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I mean the product doesn’t work well. Many important components can not be used (camera, addmob, Push notification,…). That’s why Kodular is not 100%.

I think a lot of people (including me) expect Kodular keep going.

Thank you.

Kodular supports onesignal push notifications. When you open an project settings there you will be able to see an box to keep your onesignal app id. There you need to configure the push notification.

He smartly removed 24 hours promise for review :rofl:


One signal doesn’t work, at least, i think so

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He is @pavi2410 , could do you give more information about next Kodular update?
What news awaits us?

Please @Diego also fix the permission error. Its been years since kodular users are suffering from that particular issue.

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many feature less now on kodular not working like one signal

Just now I started noticing… I feel bad about it.

Facebook ads not working old sdk