Nfc password encryption

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I am very new with app making and this is the first time I try. I am not expert at all of anything about coding and blocks, I would say they are completely new things for me. I go quickly to the question:

I have managed to have read and write tags with nfc, but I would like to know if there is any way to protect the tags with password with kodular. It’s possibile with many “google play” apps to make the tags read-only. Is there a way to make them read-only within kodular app?



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You may use it with cryptography component.

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As far as I understand, this is not the point. My problem is:

  • I write a nfc tag, and I am ok with this
  • the NFC tag content usually can be written many times, modified, updated,etc. But in case I want it to be fix, is that possible?
    I make an example.
    I make a t-shirt, with my sewing machine and then I sell it (or give it as a present to a friend). Instead of sewing a normal label with printed “made for you by Fabio”, I sew in the t-shirt an nfc tag where in the text of the tag i write the same “made for you by Fabio”

I want that my tag will be readable by everyone who scan the tag with their mobile phone, but I don’t want anybody to be able to change that text “made for you by Fabio” to anything else.

That’s the idea.

With many other apps, for example “nfc tools” from google play, you can setup a password to make the tag read only.


It is not possible to protect NFC tags using Kodular. You can only read and write NFC text tags with Kodular. To protect Kodular and other apps, from writing to NFC tags, you have to use an external app to write protect the NFC tag.

Is there any way to ask if it’s possible to make this in any future with Kodular? Where should I post my “new feature’s addon request”? Thanks

dear all,

I would like to ask if it’s possible to make the tags read only. I am not an expert, as I told before. I found that it may be possibile to use a javascript (as far as I understood) script to lock a tag, something like ndef.makeReadOnly…is there any possibility to include something like a script in my kodular app?

This is what I would like to do:
-write a text on the tag (and this is quite ok in my app)
-make the tag read only (this is what I am missing)

Is there any possibiity to do it, on one app created with kodular?

thank you

  • Writing text on NFC is possible inside Kodular.
  • Making NFC read-only is only possible with external apps.

Dear all,

do you think this could be possible through an extension of kodular? I really need the possibility to make read only nfc tags within the app.

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No, that is not possible.