No Block for Test Mode in Abmob?

Before explaining my concern, let me be clear that i know test mode in Admob components can be toggled through properties.

here is what i wanted to do :

Currently my app has less users, I do not want to get my admob account suspended due to high CTR, thats why I wanted to use firebase block, if the value for ads is not favourable then test ads will be shown, otherwise real ads should be loaded.

But there is no block to set test mode, will it be added ?

What if I use Ad Enable Block ? Will it work the same ? I mean will it hide the ads ? What actually happens when an ad is not enabled ? Does the ad send requests ?

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Nice topic bro…We need it…

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yea, for now I used, ad enable block, it is working fine, it hides ad, But am not sure ad requests are sent to google or not !

It is not possible to make it visible in blocks since the component can only initialze one time the mode.

Means you can only setup all with test mode on OR off.
But you can not change it at runtime.

And NO, there is no way to do any magic on that.
That’s the way how google build it. Not we.

here is what I did, I used firebase databse block to determine whether to enable ad. Is it okay to do so ?