No download wallpaper button

hello, i want to know if we can make a wallpaper app without download image button. please help. thank you.

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You are the developer and you can create what you want. If you don’t want to include a download button, it’s your choice and just don’t make it.

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As @FahadAhmad said you are developer and it is your choice to download button or not.
And if you have any other question (I think you have)then ask

actually, i have designed some beautiful photos for which i want a wallpaper app which should have “set as wallpaper button” only and it should not contain download button…but i have not get any aia file like this. i will be thankful if u help me. thank you.

I hope this will work you can do is you can download wallpaper and set it and after that delete it

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You can find a lot of Wallpaper AIAs if you search in the community.
After getting that AIA, just delete that Download Wallpaper button from the app and build your app.
That’s it.

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