No Tab Ui for ViewPager and More animations

Hello Thanks for new update its good

Is it possible hide tabs? ı want change layouts using scroll movements.I dont want see tabs

Animation component good.But its need more animations like this extension

For the image editor is it possible image resize and compress.I want use user photo but its too bit for my app.

Somethink like this or or this services online.Can you add option its not need a internet connection?

I just don’t understand why you guys never get satisfied with anything? :angry:


I m satisfied.But why ı m not just want more?.I want these if they can add this ,its make makeroid better.Okey guys everybody be satisfied no more new thinks all of these thinks enought just satisfied!

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There’s already an extension. Why not use it?

If there is a extension why makeroid team make this component its already avaible.Or there is thunkable appy builder or app inventor why makeroid is created? I dont understand you

Makeroid is just their hobby and not profession…

Nope.Its hoby or not they are signed company with KVK number is 71434976!shop?&q=71434976&start=0&prefproduct=&prefpayment=

They offer realy great improvents for app inventor community.I dont know what is they planned but here add great think to builder.I think they want be proffesional.I m professional AI user.I find some missing and opened theread for these.I m alteady satisfied.But we now ıts not enought

If they have signed Makeroid as a company, it doesn’t means that it is their profession and not hobby.

But if you think it’s not enough, you are free to use other platforms.

Lol i come here because other platforms is not eneought nwm. Let Makeroid staff handle this

You’re right but i think it’s good to suggest something to makeroid because it will imrove makeroid more and more


The solution is: There is a block that is doing that: component_set_get

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