Webviwer Problem

Hello everyone,
I am facing lots of problems with makeroid webviewer. I can’t able to upload pictures and videos in facebook. Also we can’t search on Facebook and different search engines sometimes in Makeroid webviewer.

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webview is not a browser

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I am now just bored of this attitude. Why? Then make it better! Team are just saying this every time when someone asks about WebView. It’s so annoying!

EDIT: No, I don’t meant that I hate makeroid, or I have any problems with it. Yeah, it incluldes good features, and we know making it better/compatible with extensions is on their to-do list.
I know they’re working hard. I understood it. But it’s really kinda annyoning.

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It’s not annoying, it is the truth. For most uses the webviewer is more then adequate. If you want a full browser then just use a full browser.


And of you wanna make a browser?:sweat_smile:

Use Android Studio. :joy:


Jhonny how are you talking. Than make it to a full browser. If there is a easy solution to make an full browser easy, the team will make it. You can look at other builder there is the same viewer as here but the viewer here have an refresh integrateed. The other builder havent this option. And what do you think where you are. Make a full browser. Lean java and use android studio but i think this is too much for you so you take a puzzle builder like Makeroid.
If this is my Plattform and you talk here with me like you, i will ban your ip from the whole plattform and you can develop on an other builder again.

Think of you words.
All things here are for free for you. The whole Team took her own free time and developed and maintance the plattform for ppl like you and me. They dont get any money for that, they spend her own money for the server and other things. And than came ppl like you and said. Than make a full browser and so on.

I think this is not ok, how are you speaking to them.
Make you a full browser for all all of use. But for that you need more as java as programm language.

I know but we used it for opening browser right. Without webviwer we can’t do that.


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In others platforms it’s work properly. But in Makeroid it’s not.

Doesn’t matter.

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Then sir,
I have a question If web viewer is not a full browser then why other platforms web viewer is able to open those links which makeroid web viewer can’t.:pensive:

Why do you not use the device browser. There you can open liks and other things. Make a look at bubble. This is a web builder software for free. There you can make a lot of things and you can merge it with you app as a Web site. You can develop web app on bubble and this web app will use as a web site. Use the viewer in your app and make all other things in bubble what you want to use. There you can make a login system with fb tw go and so on. And a lot of other things.

Hopes this helps.
If not you have to change the builder if you dont like the viewer here. Appy builder is also a good builder but only for max 10MB Apps.

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Umm just two questions:
Why are you so rude
And its for me or for Kanshika?
Anyways, you cannot understand humour, or it seems like this.

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Thank you soo much for your kind words, my Lord!
But the truth is I’m learning.

In a nice and good forum where almost everyone is friendly.

I know. I know. They’re so nice with it. But if you’re such a master of Java, say it’s impossible. I just thought that the development of Makeroid is so fast and good, and just asked why WebView can’t be updated, because this is a problem like from the beginning.

Excuse me, but you say it like I’m a noob newbie with 0 read posts who just cries for new things. Then please take a look at my profile, and see

Hopefully, not. I believe that with Makeroid almost everything is possible.

Thanks, and most importantly peace,


You indeed deserve more credit :+1::+1::+1:


Thanks @Daaniiieel for supporting.


we all know makeroid service is free for everyone and i am very happy, that makeroid is here but we need some answers, valid answers, so i just wanted to know one thing.

If web viewer is not a full browser then why other app builders web viewer is able to open some links which makeroid web viewer can’t. what is difference here?

My Previous Discussion on this - https://community.makeroid.io/t/web-viewer-not-loading-some-urls/9002?u=vgaire007 (still no solution)


I don’t know, but the Team said once it’s different from others. Maybe it’s a full new Java object.

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An Activity Starter with android.intent.action.VIEW is what he needs. I said that long ago. Why are we fighting? @Daaniiieel is a valuable member of the community, and no one here is to be insulted this way.