Webviewer not working Stability

Hello, I’m using webviewer component to show html file. But, it not show exactly my code. Example, in my html file, i used css transform to move position of text and then try to show in webviewe…it not working…:frowning:

Webviewer is not a full browser.

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I tried on appybuilder and thunkable. Both working perfectly…:frowning:

You cant compare builders this way.

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OK. But, any solution for that?


WHY cant compare

webview not working proper…my website link does not open correct…please give me a #perfact solution

Well, Makeroid had a bigger update which may have messed things up, and the WebViewer isnt a Full Browser. There is no reason we should compare builders as all have different features too, if you’re gonna compare builders, leave PLEASE this isnt a place to compare things, you cant compare one Hersey Chocolate Bar to a Oreo Cookie Hersey Bar, ITS JUST DOESNT WORK THAT WAY, I mean one tastes better but, we dont compare things at Makeroid, we treat each other with equality sometimes cough*cough. I understand I’m a different person but, in my opinion and seems to me Peter’s as well, why do you need to compare builders when one day one is gonna overpower the other and with that being said, one has already done that to all, Makeroid. So please just stop comparing things in this world, Thanks!