Not able to dismiss custom dialog

Try removing this premmision then try once

Hey, it looks like this is an experimental project! Because you’re adding the features that are not really necessary for a simple browser app.

The most shocking behaviour is that, my handset gets hanged. :scream:

I think there is nothing to cry . I am on project which currently has 1605 blocks which is not 1 ℅ for my app
Main thing is you should make everything systematic try using procedure for making more systematic so that you can get error easily when it occurs

This is happening with everyone

Try removing it when I did not give it permission it does not hang but when I give it hang

He is using this extension that’s why it requires the screen overlay permission.

May be the problem with extension because mobile hangs when you have opened app in background

Then @Xoma should show/check the relevant blocks where the blocks related to that extension are used. May be there is something wrong there.

Because the demo apk provided in that extension topic works well for everyone I guess


No one can give 100% guarantee.

There is no problem with any of the extensions, the problem started yesterday night

there is no solution for this

almost 60% of the features stopped working, so now the project which I have worked for more that 1 month is now a waste, i will give up, i have no other way left :pleading_face: :sob: :

Programming teaches us:
Never Give Up


but the app is not working

No, You Can’t you are saying the you have spent more than a month on that project, you must not give up.

The issue occurs in this version so you can check what changes you made in previous one and verfiy that blocks.

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hopefully i had kept a addition copy aia on june 9, i should start again from there

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I suggest to make a backup of every version. That helps in this kind of situation :wink:

something big coming from vaibhav he is typing from last 5 min :sweat_smile::grimacing:


You were going on adding features without testing the existing. I warned you here :point_down:

Now as your project contains some paid files and secret codes(as you said earlier) it’s even not possible for others to have a look.

But do as @vknow360 said. Just take a deep breath. Make a copy of your existing project and do the debugging in that generated copy.

In that copy remove the extension you are using, just first check if the basic browser functionality is working like surfing different URLs, creating tabs, etc.

Once this done and tested by your side, add other feature and test if that works and if this feature is not hindering other feature.

Like that complete the project phase-wise as I said earlier.


I think @Vaibhav is saying write a year before I used do do like this I. Added feature but did not check everything is working or not I created a mesa and then I left it but now I create a part fully not leaving any thing and is a best option

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almost every click event is not working but basic browser features are working like new tab, search etc, now i checked my pc, i found that i had saved screen1 ais on june 17, i should star working from there, there is a bug in the creator 100%