Notification by date

help please. you need to show notifications. example 12.05.2020 one notification, 23.09.2020 another. how do I do this? I’m new. please help with the blocks. aia file

You have to specify youself. How will we help if you don’t tell us anything? You have to tell us…
We are no wizards nor magicians, and we will not read your mind.


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As Yoshi said you have to tell use what do you really need to know?

A. Do you need to send notification?
B . Do you want to show the list of notification?

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If you want to send notification like push notification from one signal, there is option in one signal to schedule your notifications at a particular date or time.

Yes, notification when the app is closed. the notice on schedule

no I don’t need apponesinal. ,there is free 1 scheduled message.

I want 1 message 29.05, 2020. 2 message 05.10.2020. schedule automatic sending.
can I create this in kodular? sorry for the translation, I use a translator, I’m Chechen

Not possible, as apps made from Kodular dont support background processes.

App must run in background to receive notifications when it it is closed.

There is only one way by using one signal push notifications.

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Thank you friend

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you said it was impossible to send messages. video messages are sent when the app is closed. experimental notifications in kodular
these are the messages you receive when the app is closed. how to schedule messages