Notification Component Don't have some space and block?

  • in notification component we have picture notification block but we don’t have any section to use picture.

Tell me how to use picture in this block.

Also we need when notification click block so we can do some more thing from makeroid builder.

I don’t understand what you mean.

Use the Start Value parameter for the value you want to send to the app when you clicked on the notification

Here in notification component we have two blocks for use picture
1st one is big picture notification
& 2nd is picture notification .

In 1st one we have picture section but in second one we don’t have any picture section to use picture


check this

here we have " picture section " in Big picture notification block.

here we don’t have any section to use picture . so, tell us how to use picture in this block.

@Mika @Diego

It was just a translation bug. It should be Normal Notification instead of Picture Notification


i try start value method but it not work when app is running.
for exrample if i make music player app then if player play in background and notification apper then start value not work.

Are you sure you are using “get start value” block?

but as i say its only work when app is stop or pause.

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