Notification controls

Ideas about notification

Using image like for music player.(Ps album art on lockscreen?)
Customizable Controls/buttons like skip pause etc
Progress line
Undismissable notification
List notification like gmail has
actions on click/on dismiss

You can add your ideas on the Makeroid Wishlist Padlet:stuck_out_tongue:

No we deleted the page.
We only want feature request here in our community.

Here we have more control about all.

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Oh ok, sorry ^^’

@Mika will it be Possible with new Makeroid Relauch?

Mean a notification by which if its clicked we automatically do several things like if a notification clciked have a linkto screen3 or anybutton in screen1 perform click.

Will it Be possible???


I think we can add this with the background services update. But for now you can use the start value block of the notification and program your app to do something when you click it

@Sander can you give any link in which i can get that how can i use start value block to make any action in my app!


I just noticed what you said.

It is the same as the open screen with startvalue. You can access it with this block:


You can find it under the control tab.