Quick status bar icons

Hello Makeroid Team

Is this possible to introduce a new feature to set Quick Status Bar icons in makeroid.


Can you specify your question in more detailed manner.

Sure… let’s say you have developed a flash light app. Need ablity to open app from status bar icons… instead of opening manually.

I think currently we can’t do this but in future we can do by extension :grin:

Exactly we can’t do it by extension. So asking Makeroid Team to add a feature ;):wink:

but there is at present no extension :grin:

For this thing the app should work in background which is currently not possible. But MIT is working on this and as soon as it is released, it will also be implemented in Makeroid.



Yes that’s right…
I would like to put this tutorial for reference if they want to achevie it in future: https://android.jlelse.eu/develop-a-custom-tile-with-quick-settings-tile-api-74073e849457


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a Sticky Notifier may Help in this case!

But till now making a notifier to not got swiped mean removed is not possible in Makeroid