Notifier always at full width

in my new app i wanna use the custom notifier a bit more, but i have the problem that the notifier is always on max width and it sometimes looks a bit awfull, is there trick to let the notifier be a bit smaler in width? ( i have set the arragements that gets shown in the notifier set to like 50% width)
P.S. i already searched the forum but there was no answer to this question just a topic that got closed witout a clear answer.

It can’t be as in kodular the notifier only shows the system alerts, the notifier widht will be according to the system’s notifier width

What you can do is create custome massage dialog using arrengments then you can customize hight and widht and create your notifier more beautiful

this is what i do but the width is always at max lenght regarding to what i try

Can you provide screenshot?

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