Notifier. Show Choose Dialog using default theme instead of light theme

I have gone through various other posts, and they keep mentioning to use light theme or set background.
Since that has not resolved my issue, I’m posting this request.

First off, the problem: Show Choose Dialog is showing up in dark theme (Default theme in my phone)

In the design section, I’ve set Notifier to work in Light theme

To verify, I’ve used a different notifier. The Show List Picker opens up in Light theme, as intended.

In the blocks section, I’ve tried setting up a grey background as well (even though I know it only works for alerts and not dialogs; this was just an act of desperation, really)

To summarize, Show List Picker and Show Text Input Dialog are working as intended, but Show Choose Dialog is not.

Any help would be most appreciated

Disable “Use Background Color” for the Notifier and it’ll work.

Tried that as well. Didn’t work

So you had “Light Theme” enabled, and “Use Background Color” disabled at the same time?

Yes. I have “Light Theme” enabled and “Use Background Color” disabled at the same time

What device do you have?

I’m running it on Kodular companion right now; on a Vivo Y31 smartphone, with Android version 11

For the devs: I think this might be an issue with Android 11 because I remember it working previously. I asked for them to even change the background color and it’s still gray. Unless it’s something to do with the application theme, then something else is wrong.