Numbers changing in an orderly manner

how can i make a text change, more specifically just a letter.
I can make up to 3 letters changing, using the clock, but I need to change it 81 times and this i can´t do.

Ps.: Remembering it has to be in a specific order

here will be changed from
T -> empty -> T -> empty -> T -> empty -> B -> Empty -> T -> empty -> … 81 times using other letters with empty between them

The ultimate goal is to have a letter that keeps flashing and changing

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I think it is better to use firebase or airtable

The other time I did it consumed the 10Gb available on fire base. Apart from that one needs to have internet to work this system

If there is no other way I will do it for firebase

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let me check this and if my method works , i will shre here

Grateful for the help

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us like this, make you list, like i make with a b c,


I will try now, thanks very much

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its perfect, thanks


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