One user in one device

hi can i use device id for one user in one device ? is its safe for play store ?

Playstore will no accept it

Do you mean IMEI?

If you’re talking about IMEI, try my Hosts extension, great advertising and gets your IMEI…, that will get you the latest version. I know I already updated it a few days ago, but I have at least 19 blocks or more already :joy: You need to download it, it’s too good to resist.

That’s degrading to people who actually want the right answer. Yes they’ll accept your application even if you’re getting the IMEI.

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I saw. Some kodular contributers are telling they will not accept it !

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its true ? play store will accept it ?

If Google collects it, yes you can. Theyre not above the government, they’re just like us.

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its Possible one user in one device ? Any block ?
Device id
ip address
mac address
any other block ?

Device ID is your IMEI.