Open 1st screen on 2nd screen

how to open 1st screen on 2nd screen so, and not hide 1st screen (like as attached image) in makeroid ?,more information i have attached screenshot.

Not the best solution but you can try

create 2 web pages for screen 1 and 2 then use iframe to insert screen 2 in 1 and then set screen 1 in your app with a webview component and load the webpage

What you are asking is not possible with screens, but you can use Vertical Arrangements (instead of screens), one placed inside another, to achieve this.


As shreayash said, it is not possible to insert one screen at another screen.
But do you really need one other screen to do what you nedd?
Probably the shreayash suggestion is the best way for you. You can hide and enable the components as you like, that will make the same effect of open another screen.

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sir, it is possible to instead one screen in two Arrangements or dialogue box ?

As screen is not a component, it is not possible.

sir, one screen in two Arrangements possible?

I already answered :point_up_2:

ok sir, thank you .
sir, one dialogue box in multiple messages possible ?

Your question is almost understandable. Can you elaborate it a bit more for better understanding?

sir i want dialouge box in multipe message show as below attached image
my intent only Notifier show text dialogue

Use notifier component to show message dialogues.

sir, please help me with block

Have you tried anything so far? If no, then I’ll suggest you to try something on your own, and if you got stuck on something then we are here to help.

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ok sir i will do it

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