Open a specific folder

how to open a specific path from the app example:-
i want to open the path /mnt/sdcard/Download/

What do you want to do finally?

open the downloads folder

The only thing you can do is this:

What about trying this ( not sure ):
Using the activity starter:
Action : android.intent.ACTION_VIEW
data uri : folder path
data type: resource/folder
EDIT: i didn’t noticed from app word

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The problem with this is that you exit the app no? :thinking:

Didn’t understand you?

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That I think that is better not to exit the app with Activity Starter (my opinion :joy::sweat_smile:)

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Hmmm, @UNKNOWN_GAMER1 are you trying to get a path (folder) according to the user’s choice?

No, I think that he want to open only the downloads folder

Then what do you want it to return?

no i want to open the downloads folder

So do this (integrate on app)

Or this (exit the app)


no corresponding activity foud

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You only can do this, or nothing​:sweat_smile:




I still didn’t understand you.You want to open the folder manger on a specific folder.Or show this folder in a list in your app?

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As alread said, NOT possible.

Yes this is the only option and to be more precise:
to show / get the files in this folder & subfolders.


got the solution

COMPONENT= activity starter
ACTION= android.intent.action.VIEW
DATA URI = join- file:// and /Download (file///{path})