Open another screen with start value dynamic cardview

I already searched the forum, but I couldn’t get any solution about it, so I’m creating a topic, I’m trying to open another screen with an initial value, but it’s giving an error, because I can’t pull the value from airtable, these are my blocks, some suggestion? 1


You have done something like that:
If modulas of number/3=0 then also horizontal arrangement 1 else also horizontal arrangement 1 :thinking: :thinking:

What are you doing there?? What is your goal??

It doesn’t have a lot to do with what I’m asking for help, but that’s what I’m doing


What’s the error? As per your block, next screen is opening normally with an initial value something like 11, 22 or 33 and so on...

Is the id even a LIST?
You want to open Screen 2 for every value in the “id” list? You need to open Screen2 more than once with different values?

First you try to open the above said process within the same screen and make sure your blocks are correct then proceed with open in next screen. Why I am telling mean in the second blocks it self error is there… pls make sure your blocks are correct or not then send the value to next screen…

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His blocks are completely wrong he is using loop for opening the screen that is it the screen will open again and again and all start value will be passed


how open with other value?

Send us the error, we will correct it and then you can continue with your project

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