Open Custom URLs with Web View Component

I have added a web-viewer in my app in a separate screen. There’s one more screen that contains a dynamic list of HTML5 games along with their playable links. I wish to provide a feature to play these games in the app itself. But I can’t find a way to change the home URL of the web view component from other screens.
Like in Thunkable, I used a global variable in which I stored the link of selected game and used it as the home URL of the web view component.
There was an experimental feature to add Custom Chrome Tabs in Kodular and I guess that would have solved my problem but unfortunately, I can’t find any such component in my creator screen.
Any suggestions what I can do?

From Kodular creator -> account -> settings ->general tab - show experimentals components


If you are planning to monetize these kind of apps you will be disappointed because that is not allowed.

Yes you are right

What is your design how it goes to other screen tell me that design I can help it is really easy to change home URL of Webview on another screen

So, apps using experimental features are not meant to be monetized?

No, apps only containing webviewer to display a bunch of html5 games are.

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Looking forward for your reply

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Yes now show the blocks of play button ok let’s see what logic are you using there

I doubt if it will work, your suggestions are appreciated. I am curious to know how can I can use the start value that I passed from screen1 in the other screen (say screen2).

Try this :-
Take a Label And name it as “Start Value” and make it invisible

Then do this in blocks section

then try this and tell if this works

@Aditya_Nanda Why are you proposing this ?

@Sangam4742 Use

and when WebViewScreen.initialize set webviewer url to get start value. Simple :slight_smile:

@Sangam4742 has done this so I suggest that use lable let’s see what happens if he uses my style.

The easiest way is to use Do it to debug his block

Actually, that’s what I want to do. Can you elaborate a little bit more please?:sweat_smile:

Thanks for suggestions. But as far as I can understand, yours and mine method are same as mentioned by @dora_paz

Can you provide you aia so we can manually debug it

Zlite.aia (276.4 KB)

Here you go

I must mention here that I have changed my dynamic cards’ layout. Now, I am trying to use fully clickable cards instead of placing a button over there. But unfortunately, I messed up something and it’s not working well.

Ok no problem