Open external link browser in webview as desired link "personalized"

Hello, I am looking for help to solve the problem of opening an external url, behaving according to the url of the code I want example:


but unfortunately it doesn’t work, the idea is to use to open pdf link online / others hosted

I try to do this through an external browser as it has many large files.

I’m using the translator, if there are any errors I’m sorry :confused:

I think ur condition is not working

Yes, I’m all day trying to find a solution for this, without using extension or downloading.
I tried to do it in other ways I searched on the forum but unfortunately something does not work :thinking:

First check is ur condition working
to check put the set label text block in then print something if label show the text successfull then ur condition is working else not

I tried with this also it did not work, it seems that the link when clicked inside the webview does not return result of the link, something like that
image removed

use this. this is the easy method

The problem seems that when I click on the link I start loading and canceling, the external page does not open and nothing happens in the webview :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why you are using external browser ???
On When NavegadorWeb1. Page Loaded
Set Call NavegadorWeb1. Go To URL url =ão-anexo-II.pdf

Because there are several links and none of them work when clicked, there is no webview effect.

Easy way is when user touch item of the list hidden the list and show a webview (set visible webview) loading the link you want to show (you can use linear progressbar to show the loading %)

And when the user press back if the webview is showed hidden the webview and set visible the list !!!

I decided to use set webviewstring with javascript, taking the clicked links and going back to webview, opening PDF’s online and other links like the wordpress panel.


Block recognizing the link and sent to an external browser or default app

Finished topic, thanks to everyone who was willing to help me.

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