Open thunkable classic aia

Hi I have a developed an app using thunkable classic platform. but the problem is that i am unable to import it to kodular and i cannot view my blocks so that i can convert it in kodular.
Is there way i can view my blocks from thubnkable classic aia file.

friend thunkable classic closed long back.there are some kodular components which dont match with thunkable that also be the reason

maybe tell the components used?

Yes I know that is the reason i want to import it to klodular. but i am not able to open the app

yes u cant

Try uploading your aia to unchive and see your blocks, this way you will be able to see which blocks are not compatible with kodular

thank you Dora_Paz. i was looking fir link to open my blocks

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u can also see

there are some push notification problems that may occur

thanks Ekansh. is there a way to delete non functioning component from the app. here admob banner component is not working…

i guess u cant remove it but when u are making project put kodular components

I was regular user of thunkable and i started using kodular now

but blocks used in classic and here are same

Head over to Thunkable, load your project and start deleting non existing components in Kodular…

You may,

For faster help of components that need to be deleted …

Or do it the hard way by replicating the project…


Hi Boban the app was built with thinkable classic and I am not able to open the same using kodukar

have u tried mit?

Yes same error.