Open url link in app with chrome tab component

How can I open a URL link in my application, not an external browser?

Screenrecorder-2019-11-27-17-44-34-798.mp4 (5.0 MB)
same with the video above

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Go to experimental tab you will get chrome custom tab

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I searched for them but how do I open the url in my application and not the external browser?

use Web viewer you will find in it Layouts> Views, Pick Web Viewer and place it in screen, set website in proprties and in blocks also you can set weblink

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Very bad layout

your are using dual screen mode, like 2 apps on on screen, what do you expect?

I do not want to use webview

so you want a magic? in your video web view has been used in a new screen/arrangement and on click its opening that,

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The web view is not good with design

you are using to web view in single screen, use only one and set that to height width fill parent

I want the user interface like that, but when clicking on the image it will move to the web rather than an external web browser or use webview, because when there is no internet connection they will report an error screen and look very uncomfortable

you have to use connectivity component and use a checker, when button click, if connected then open web, else show notification that no internet

beta_uido.apk (5.8 MB)

you can show me blocks, try me not good at blocks.

Something like this, you can get network component n connectivity section



How can I limit the title and end with 3 dots like this image?

I know someone who asked the same question, as I didn’t see because of my English ability so I didn’t understand.

like this one?


Yes, For example: hello world of warcraft map …

you can use label for this title above webview and use set label text to webview title

I made it on another layout