Open web viewer from mysql database?

guys…can anybody help me?
im trying to create a command to open a pdf link using a webviewer, it supposed to be like this

when i click a text displayed in a listview, it will open a pdf file in a webviewer to a new screen by using a link from mysql table

this is my block for the list view screen

this is my block for the webviewer screen

and im trying to open the pdf files using the tables in this mysql database

could you guys help me with this…thank you

See here:

Use the google pdf viewer…


thanks for replying my friends…
but in this pdf.aia you’ve shared me the link to the pdf files is already in the block

but what i want is to get that pdf link from my mysql database and open it in a web viewer

You can attach there (where the link is mentioned) get start value block as before you were doing

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my friend…could you show me using a block? or maybe i can give you my aia files and you could help me fix it

hehehe…if you dont mind :sweat_smile:

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wow…thanks alot my friend, it’s finally working :+1: :+1:

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