Download pdf problem

select list item : list index too large
attempt to get item number 4 of a list of length 1:(about:blank)
end application
after this message show : the pdf open to view only with html not .pdf
why ?

the url from google drive
database : baserow
i think the problem with current url or procedute id ???

Set download url to
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Sorry but I don’t understand what you mean by (put your pdf id here) I want to make it automatic for each file the user accesses

Something like this:

In AppInventor, the file is saved to the ASD


The text in yellow What do you mean the link changes dynamically and not a single link for all files

I just split the url up into three parts so that you could read it all

The file Id will be different for each file, but the url format should be the same


this blocks after editing is there any problem in global variable pdfview url before test it in companion??

You have an empty slot, replacement

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problem : error 1109 the specified url is not valid

Post here a test aia

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It is large and contains many pages. I will send it to you by message

Test if this is from the webviewer or from the web component ?

According to google that url does not exist. Have you shared the pdf with Anyone can view?

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thanks for everyone
dorapaz + timai2
wihtout web component

You are now in a muddle :upside_down_face: You need to take another look at my blocks :slight_smile:

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